Atheist Day in America

April 1, 2009

The latest atheistic thrust of America (similar to the current adds on London’s buses) is “You believe God does not exist?  You are not alone.”

What an uneventful, pointless statement.  So . . .  you are not alone, Mr/Ms Unbeliever, what good does that do you or any of your agreeable friends?  You are still an unbeliever and you have not addressed the wisdom, or the rightness or wrongness of that statement one whit.

America has perhaps agreed that you ‘not alone’ unbelievers should have your day as most believers in God have at least a day to celebrate their faith.  Christians have Christmas and Easter, Buddhists (who are in reality atheist) celebrate the birth/death/enlightenment of the Buddha, Muslims celebrate their month of lent, Jewish folks have Passover, etc. and atheists have April 1, April Fools’ Day.  So congratulations!  You are not alone on your day. 

The Christian Bible confirms your faith with these words: “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God’.”  This might be interpreted in the following ways (because in Hebrew the words ‘there is’ is not there):

(1)  ‘The fool says in his heart, NO GOD’ meaning what the usual atheist blabber is, that there is no God around (though He might be hiding in some place that they have failed to look).  There are quite a few, led by Richard Dawkins and others with you so it is true that you are not alone.

(2)  ‘The fool says in his heart, NO God!’ meaning there may be a God or god or gods somewhere but they/it certainly has no authority or control over me.  In other words they may be agnostic in their belief, but they are under the thumb of no one or nothing but themselves.  There are many in this practical state, so again it is true, you, you fool, are not alone.

(3)  ‘The fool says in his heart, NO . . . GOD, please, no!’  meaning the response of many when they find out it is appointed unto mankind once to die, after that the judgment.  Though many of you are not alone in that condition now, in that day you will be terribly alone – absolutely no one will stand with you as you face the God of the universe.  You fool, you will be alone!

Pascal’s wager is still the best option.  If you, Mr Atheist and your friends, are right, I have lost nothing by ordering my life by a faith in, as you put it, the non-existent one. 

If on the other hand, I am right in my faith, you have lost everything. You are and will be starkly, absolutely alone as you stand before the God of the universe! 

I hope and pray that you will not be among those lonely fools, dear reader!


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